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Mission Statement

Robey’s mission is, through the creative process, to explore and develop relevant provocative, and innovative new plays written about the Black experience, as well as to reinterpret established works. Robey creates a nourishing environment of understanding and support in which multi-cultural theatre artists are compelled to take risks in the search for artistic fulfillment. It provides time, educational opportunities, and encouragement for such growth and contributes to high standards of excellence in the Black theatre in America. Robey was founded in December 1994 by Danny Glover and Bennet Guillory to fill a void of opportunity for Black theatre artists. Artists of color, particularly Black playwrights, have long lacked a forum where their work can be developed in collaboration with their peers. Black audiences have had insufficient opportunity to hear these voices in an ongoing basis and their unique expression of the culture. Robey was founded to fulfill this need.