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No Place To Be Somebody Reviews

No Place to Be Somebody by Charles Gordone

I’ve heard this from time to time.  You are the company you keep. It’s cliché – and kind of true – well, something that makes sense.  And it fits with the play No Place to Be Somebody. Because, if you wanted to be somebody then Johnny’s Bar is not the place you want to be. And, almost everybody wants to be somebody.  Don’t they?

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NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY is a gritty and hard hitting piece of urban drama that still packs a punch.

The Robey Theatre Company presents Charles Gordone’s NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY, an urban drama about a tavern owner in New York City and the city people who parade in and of the bar holding their personal slates as well as fulfilling a very definitive role and purpose.

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Joe Straw Review

Sounds like Joe Straw has great things to say about the play.

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Stage Raw - Recommended

The play is an edgy mix of civil rights era Black Power agitprop and gangster saga and would doubtless seem dated to contemporary audiences — but it still speaks to pressing issues of our times, particularly America’s troubling racial divide.

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Robey Theatre Company Artistic Director BEN GUILLORY discusses the revival of Charles Gordone’s 1970 Pulitzer Prize-winning, No Place To Be Somebody, helmed by Guillory, running through May 8 at Los Angeles Theatre Center in downtown LA.

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