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The Cocktail Hour Review

Robey Theatre Company Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence

Written by Shana Vonn

The award winning Robey Theatre Company celebrated its twentieth anniversary with cocktails, conversation and confections.

The themed “Cocktail Hour” celebration and fundraiser was held in the private home of award winning actress and most gracious host Victoria Rowell (Young & the Restless, Diagnosis Murder).

The view, overlooking the Hollywood hills under a moonlit sky, provided the perfect backdrop for celebration, canapés and conversation. Much of the conversation was centered on the newly unveiled state of the art theater that has hopes of becoming a new home for Robey.  The guest of honor was American Artist Chaz Guest, whose very influential patron list includes everyone from filmmaker/producer Tyler Perry, the illustrious Vanessa Williams, gospel crooner BeBe Winans, actors Josh Lucas and Dennis Haybert, to none other than the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Chaz Guest has exhibited his works in prestigious galleries throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

The benevolent Mr. Guest was generous enough to lend his talents to Robey for the evening by creating two amazing pieces to contribute to the silent auction. Being the amazing artist he is, Guest created two masterpieces with grace and ease, before a captivated audience of benefactors, patrons and guests–two absolutely extraordinary pieces of art that would take most years to complete, created in a matter of a few hours.

Proceeds procured from the silent auction are to go directly toward the purchase of property and the construction of the Robey Theatre Company’s new venue. The designs for this high tech, state of the art theater were unveiled for the first time to eagerly awaiting supporters.

The Robey Theatre’s mission, coming off of their twentieth year anniversary, is to evolve and grow with the artistic community around them, in order to provide a quality creative experience that is both current and relevant. Many of the board members present, such as Co-Founder and Board member Bennet Guillory and Carmen Smith with ABC Disney, Camille Wyatt and others, spoke very passionately about their support of Robey’s vision for the new theater and the continued growth that is to come in the future. Coming from a theatre background myself, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to focus on your craft when finances, the facilities and resources are not readily available. From conception The Robey Theatre Company (founded by actors and activists Danny Glover and Bennet Guillory, 1994) has prided itself on enriching, entertaining and exposing the community to a superior theatre experience. It would appear that is the same goal, if not an even more copious one, for the next twenty years.  In order to see this goal realized, Robey Theatre Company needs our support. To find out more information and ways in which you can support The Robey Theatre please contact: 626-486-2460 or email If you would like to access Robey’s website you can visit

Photography by Vinni Ratcliff